Workshop: From databases to Web + Desktop + Mobile applications one day

Workshop: From databases to Web + Desktop + Mobile applications one day

We will start from a database with two tables: Department and Employees. A Department may have more Employees, an Employee is part of a Department.
The applications we will be doing (Web, Desktop, Android) will contain editing and viewing of Employees and Departments.

What will be the outcome:
1. Web / Android / Windows applications themselves.
2. A way to develop applications for any platform (Internet / Desktop / Mobile)
3. A list of links by which you can learn programming on the Web / Desktop / Mobile.
4. After the workshop: An hour of free consulting about building an application.

What you need

1. Preinstalled Windows Laptop (we will send you the list of software you need to install)
2. One-day of work

Workshop content

1. 8:30 am: The arrival of the participants. Solve possible installation problems.
2. Time 9: .NET Core Console Applications for Department Editing. Classes, Sql.
3. Time 10: .NET Core REST Web API Applications for Editing Department
4. 11:15: Basic Angular Tutorial
5. Time 15: Angular Tutorial to access the REST Web API
6. Time 13: Lunch break
7. Time 14:30: Editing the Angular Department
8. Time 16: Editing the Angular Employee
9. Time 17: Generate Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Deployment
10. Time 18: Questions
Date: June 30, 2018, 9: 00-19: 00