Crossover tournament

This Saturday I have taken “Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails Chief Software Architects Hiring Tournament( )”

It was an occasion for me to see how sharp are my (old ) programming skills and ( rather new , compare with programming) architecture skills.

For the record , I have finished the 4th from > 30 participants– that ‘s awesome for me.

Here are the results:

  1. Twin Strings 30 /30
  2. Technical Aptitude 46 /60
  3. Ascending Binary Sort 30 /30
  4. Architect Aptitude 30.86 /60
  5. Code Review 34.76 /60

Total Score: 171.62


Some considerations:

  • Technical aptitude was with ASP.NET WebForms questions – a no-no  for me
  • I solved the practical problems( 1 and 3 ) with a mix of .NET Generic Collection and a lot of Linq. I have also seen a Ruby solution similar with .NET Linq. Functional programming is awesome!
  • I do not agree with many question within Architect track – many were technology specific ( Amazon, Casandra, Qlik, oterhs)
  • Code review – here I have had a personal problem. I did not want to think deeply to all questions –   time is always a precious resource and I have had other things to do also.

All in all, a beautiful day and I am glad to have participated.