Friday links 227

  1. Android: How to communicate with .NET application via TCP – CodeProject
  2. The Most Important Code Metrics You’ve Never Heard Of – DaedTech
  3. wimbarelds/TimeCircles: jQuery plugin to show time since or time until a specific time
  4. andrei-cacio/ironwing: universal framework agnostic transport layer
  5. Unity Test Tools Released – Unity Blog
  6. Asset Store
  7. AngularJS – The Next Big Thing – CodeProject
  8. 6 tips for writing more maintainable code – JAXenter
  9. Analytics Blog: Introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite
  10. Apply “Tell Don’t Ask” and reduce coupling – Tell Don’t Ask
  11. Microsoft/VSSDK-Extensibility-Samples: Samples for building your own Visual Studio extensions
  12. Microsoft/Windows-universal-samples: API samples for the Universal Windows Platform.
  13. Running Umbraco from a USB drive | Lee Kelleher – Umbraco Specialist
  14. telerik/kendo-ui-core: An HTML5, jQuery-based widget library for building modern web apps.
  15. Microsoft/VS-PPT: Productivity Power Tools – a set of Visual Studio extensions improving developer productivity.
  16. jsTree