Starting with R – language and data

Part 1: Starting with R – installation :

Part 2: Starting with R – language and data

Part 3: Starting with R – basic and statistics

Part 4: Making diagrams with R ( and transformation of data) :

Part 5:  Forecasting currency exchange with R

The also features a gentle introduction to R – if you do not know programming  .

As in other programming languages, you can store values into a variable to access it later. Type x <- 42 to store a value in x.

x <- 42

I have typed :

> x<-7

And site answers by:

`x` should be set to the number `42`. Try again!  # this is the site answer ….

> x<-42 # made by me

( and site goes to next exercise – although you can trick to strings …)

The next  best tutorial ( comprised on six parts) I have found here:

( did you know about data() command ?)

Anyway, those are the six parts

After that , if you have a Pluralsight subscription, this course is worth looking :  -  it gives you a short introduction to MachineLearning with R