Starting with R (as in SqlServer R server and VS package)

Part 1: Starting with R – installation :

Part 2: Starting with R – language and data

Part 3: Starting with R – basic and statistics

Part 4: Making diagrams with R ( and transformation of data) :

Part 5:  Forecasting currency exchange with R

First, start with installing Sql Server 2016 Developer ( free from )

Ensure that R is selected when installing.

Start SSMS ( Sql Server Management Studio) and ensure that R is configured and running (  or more detailed )

Then install R Client from ( see ) . It features also an package for Visual Studio

Once you install R Client, start RGUI ( press Windows key and type RGUI ) .

In the window of RCLient, type getwd() ( R is case sensitive – does not work GetWD() )

( The same thing you can do in Visual Studio, from R Tools =>Windows=>R interactive)

Then you can follow the tutorial from -  it is ok and easy to  reproduce.