YouTube playlist exporter


The point here is about how simple is in our days to make a simple script as a programmer.

I wanted to export my playlists ( 5 minutes .NET , Export Word Exce l PDF  , EF 6 , Traceability ) videos into a simple HTML file that I could put into my website.

I searched first on internet – however, I found just you tube google api .

So I read the documentation (e.g.  , grab a developer key from and made a simple project.

Used also a NuGet package for JSON( Newtonsoft.Json) and one for export in Excel /Word /HTML / PDF /ODS (ExporterWordExcelPDF).

Total time : 2 hours. You can find the project here . It has only console application  – but it will have soon a GUI .

The point is that in our days it is easy to use third party application – and , for a programmer, easy as pie( eating, not making ; – ) )