Smart Copy and Paste from StackOverflow–part 4 from 7

I have written this mini e-book in order to remember myself how to do it .

I will put each week a part from my book here in the blog. If you want , however, buy the book, I will do appreciate !


How to search for information

Sort a collection

First I want to go to our favorite search engine I will use Google[1]. I will enter "list sort"

(image in the book here)

As you see you have already some help – so a no brainer. I use "list sort <program name>"

(image in the book here)

As you see from the above image we already have some results of searching

i. The help file on MSDN

ii. The StackOverflow link

iii.Two links in dotnetperls

iv. A CodeProject link ( usually provided with source code)

Now the problem seems pretty simple – and we see that the MSDN link have also an example – and we rather copy this than going to StackOverflow. However, I do recommend reading the links – it may be beneficial.

Store encrypted data in a file

First , we want to know how to encrypt the data. Searching for "encrypt string " + language

(image in the book here)

As you see , again Stack Overflow is among the first results.

Looking at the first link, we discover some other links with a gist ( )that we may want (or no) to copy. It looks as an advanced cryptography – so depends on our time.

1. If we have plenty of time, we may want to take the gist and understand what’s there .

2. If we do not have plenty of time, then we might as simple as copy the simplest code that do the work

Then the programmer discovers that what he has is not enough: the file that he want to wrote is an ANSI file – so he can not write bytes. Time for another searching ( Base64 , ) and to combine the solutions .

Let the browser open – it may be beneficial for next steps, if something does not function .

[1]You can also Bing – or other search engine




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