Smart Copy and Paste from StackOverflow–part 1 from 7

I have written this mini e-book in order to remember myself how to do it .

I will put each week a part from my book here in the blog. If you want , however, buy the book, I will do appreciate !



When I started programming for a living (1997+), there were no sites to learn from. The access to internet was not affordable . The search engines were bad( Altavista+ Yahoo) There were some frameworks available – but mostly for graphical components( such as buttons) , PC functions( e.g. sending TPC IP messages, DDE messaging / OLE function ) and databases ( remember ISAM ?) . But for sorting a collection of elements you must learn from a book of algorithms and then make your function ( that you will re-use after in other projects). In these days you have List<T>.Sort ( ) and you should not bothering about Quick Sort , Merge Sort, Bubble Sort or the differences between them.

The book will feature a good programmer that has to solve a problem and like to code the solution( as opposed to download some nuget/npm package[1]) . I will give two examples in order to exemplify how to do the smart copy / paste from Stack Overflow.

All I have written here is taken from my personal experience – that I consider valuable and helped me a lot in time.If you have some ideas to improve this book, please feel free to wrote to or via my site ,

Thank you to Stefan Petrini for reviewing the book.




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