Entity Framework 6 Record and play use : Unit Testing ( part 2 of 5)


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Let’s suppose that we have a program that have Departments and Employees.

And we want to make sure that, when we add an employee, the department must exists.

We can ensure this from database ( by foreign key) but we can pro-actively search for the department and throw a more meaningful validation .

More, I like more validation than errors.

So, let’s suppose that in the Validation for the Employee we must check in the database for the IdDepartment to see if there is such a department.

How could we make a test for that runs without a database ?

With some trick:  we first Record with a database  – then we can Play the file – and we do not need anymore the database. The test is self contained. 


Let’s see in action here


            #region set record EF
            var record = new InterceptionRecordOrPlay(@"VerifyIValidatableWorks.zip", ModeInterception.Play);

            var e= new Employee();
            e.ValidateEmployee = true;
            e.IDDepartment = 60000;
            var err= e.Validate(null).ToArray();
            Assert.AreEqual(1, err.Length);

Source code is available at  https://github.com/ignatandrei/EFRecordAndPlay/wiki/


There is also a NuGet package at https://www.nuget.org/packages/EFRecordAndPlay/