Foursquare–part 4–conclusions

Part 1: beginning using API:

Part 2: Trying PC version:

Part 3: Improving PC version:

Part 4: conclusions( this blog post)


First conclusion : web is media of choice . The programmers makes API easier for connecting via Web, not via every device. ( although FourSquare have developed native classes  for IOS / Android )

Second conclusion :  with reasonable effort  you can make a version that runs on every platform ( ok, not trying yet Windows phone, but it should not be so different – requires the browser to login). And you will find some implementation that parses the Web Json.

Third  conclusion : Be aware of API changes and prepare for a sustainable effort if the platform is making breaking changes .Those can come from request ( : << As of January 28, 2014, requests that do not include a v parameter will be rejected.  >> ) or from response ( , transforming a string icon property into a class)



It is nice to play with a third party and get the data programmatically.   For example, with the program I just show , I save a text file with my daily activities and put on onedrive :

20140301 214229,Cinema City,
20140301 213600,AFI Palace Cotroceni,
20140301 203400,Ministerul Finanțelor Publice,
20140301 170706,casa,
20140301 163738,Carrefour,
20140301 151818,Gett’s Color Bar,
20140301 142525,Cărturești,
20140301 141331,AFI Palace Cotroceni,
20140301 133653,Catedrala Sfântul Iosif (St. Joseph’s Cathedral),
20140301 122913,World Class Health Academy Downtown,
20140301 120617,McDonald’s,
20140301 103729,Piața Romană,
20140301 095350,Dedeman,
20140301 075136,Dedeman,
20140301 053653,casa,


And relax 




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