Export to Word / Excel / PDF / CSV / HTML

I have made a NuGet package that exports a List to Word(2003/2007) / Excel(2003/2007) / PDF  / CSV / HTML.

It is made with Razor Templating – interpreted by WestWind Razor Engine ( source code at https://github.com/RickStrahl/Westwind.RazorHosting )

What it does it generates templates in Razor ( that can  be freely modified after) and it generates the specific output.

The whole code is that simple

List<Electronics> list = Electronics.GetData();
            List<Electronics> list = Electronics.GetData();
            ExportList<Electronics> exp = new ExportList<Electronics>();
            exp.PathTemplateFolder = Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "templates/electronics");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.HTML, "a.html");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.CSV, "a.csv");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.XML, "a.xml");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.Word2003XML, "a_2003.doc");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.Excel2003XML, "a_2003.xls");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.Excel2007, "a.xlsx");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.Word2007, "a.docx");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.itextSharpXML, "a.xml");
            exp.ExportTo(list, ExportToFormat.PDFtextSharpXML, "a.pdf");

GitHub Console Demo at https://github.com/ignatandrei/Export_Word_Excel_PDF_CSV_HTML

The Nuget package is at http://www.nuget.org/packages/Exporter/

YouTube demo at http://youtu.be/2CBdn6ru47M